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About Jesse

Jesse has always enjoyed being involved in his community. His service with the Party began when he was nominated (against his will) and elected as a state delegate by his precinct in 2016. Even though he was reluctant to serve as a delegate, he fell in love with the grassroots caucus/convention system and the political process. Since then, he has been active and has served in many other roles.

Jesse and his wife Melissa have been married since 2010. They have four beautiful kids who keep them very busy. Jesse graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Computer Science. He works as the Director of Software Engineering for a financial technology company based in Kaysville. He also runs a consulting business on the side.

Ready to Lead

Over the last seven years, Jesse has served in almost every volunteer role available in the Davis County Republican Party. He has served as a county delegate, state delegate, and precinct chair. He is currently on the party's Executive Committee, the Lincoln Club fundraising committee, and the State Central Committee. Jesse has run for office and assisted several other candidates with their campaigns. Jesse knows how to plan and execute an effective campaign strategy. He knows how the party works and, most importantly, what we can and should be doing better. Jesse will jump in and lead the party without skipping a beat.


Keep Davis Red

Democrats are strong in Salt Lake County and have gained a foothold in Weber County. If we don't get our act together they will do the same here. We will grow the party by connecting with more Republicans through increased social media and marketing efforts. This outreach effort will help us build a grassroots volunteer network that can promote our common-sense conservative platform and candidates. We'll ensure a historic turnout at the 2024 caucuses and elections.

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Support our Candidates

Electing conservative candidates is our party's core mission. For too long, the party has given little to no assistance to our candidates. Campaigns need money, data, strategy, and volunteers in order to be successful. We will make sure our nominees have all the resources they need to win, and win big.

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Amplify Our Fundraising

Running an effective political party is expensive. The more we raise the more impact we have in accomplishing our party's mission. We will increase the quality and quantity of our fundraising events. Our marketing efforts will focus on increasing small-dollar donations and event attendance. We will follow fiscally conservative principles and keep our overhead costs low.

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